Indonesia Codice Postale Ci sono più di83,436 Indonesia Codice Postale in questo sito, incluso Area Admin, Codice Admin, Posto, Codice Postale, Latitudine, Longitudine ecc. Più con online mappa.
Currently in Indonesia there are 34 provinces, 514 cities or regencies, 7,201 districts, 83,436 villages, and 16,056 islands that have names.
Indonesia Postcode consists of five numerical digits. In general, the first digit represents the province, the second and third digits represent regency , the last two digits represent the district and location.

Esempio di busta
Indonesia Envelope Example
Formato indirizzo
Ibu Wisynuprapto (addressee)
Jl. Ciburial Indah No. 47 (street + premise)
BANDUNG 40198 (locality + postcode)
INDONESIA (country)
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